Videophile: June 1-15, 2010

Hey Everybody!
Hopefully you can find something to your liking here as there were quite a number of new releases from a lot of K-Indie favorites!
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In order of appearance:

Lee Seung Hwan -반의 반 [MV]
This song is on his 10th album, Dreamizer.

Delight – Delight Quest [MV]
With English subs, courtesy of wassereis. This song is on their first album Hedgehog’s Dilemma.

Theater 8 – Stalingrad Rock Party Party [live perf]
Another lively and eccentric performance by Theater 8. This song will be on their new EP to be released on June 22, entitled Uncharted Waters (대항해시대).

Electroboyz feat. Horan – Incoming Call [MV]
This song is released as a single. English subs available here as well! :]

Look and Listen – Wake Up [live perf]
It sounds a little like one of those bands playing in the background of a bad teen movie, but still I’m hoping for an official MV or at least some release info in the future.

Ilac feat. Mazik Flow – Tears Bursting [studio MV]
Among my favorite R&B singers out there. This song was released as a single, 눈물이 왈칵.
The video is mostly just boys being adorable.

Achime – 맞은편 미래 [MV]
Gotta love ’em. This song is on their 1st album, Hunch which was released on the 3rd of this month.

Sorri -강 강수월래 [live perf]
This song is on her lovely 2nd album, Mingle.

My Little Band – Hello Yesterday [MV]
A somewhat epileptic but still cute music video. Their 4-track album, Hello Yesterday was released on June 8th.

Heureun -산책 [live perf]
As a devoted fan of Heureun I was so happy to see a recent live performance of hers. This song is on her 1st album, Flowing(흐른). It’s one of my favorite albums. Many acoustic artists seem to have a song titled “산책” (san-jaek)which means “walk”.

Stay – Your Name Is Love [MV]
This video was directed by long-time singer and Korean TV personality HaHa(하하). His real name is Shim Tae Yoon, hence calling himself Stay. This song was released as a single.

Nine9 – 끝의 시작 [MV]
Recognize that voice? It’s the lead singer of Dear Cloud! This song is on the soundtrack for the book Humming and Drawing. Don’t get too excited though, the album only has one other song on it. :p

Hapoom – 어디로갈까 [live perf]
Metioned them last month, here they are again~The title of this song means something like “Where do you go”.

Monni – 나를 떠나가던 [MV]
After a long hiatus, Monni is back with their 2nd album, This Moment. If it adds incentive for anyone, the video is mostly touching, hugging and etc.

Zitten – TV Show [MV]
Such a nice song~ This one is on their Wonderland EP which will be released on June 17.

Burning Hepburn – Life Goes On [MV]
Yes, they’re back! Punk and dance rock fans should know them.
Could not find album info.

Siberian Husky – Don Fantasy [MV]
This jazzy number is on their 2nd album.

Flower – Remember…I love you [MV]
This rock ballad band has been around for quite a while, though most overseas fans don’t know about them. This song is on their 5th album, Flower Tunes, released on June 3rd. All their albums available for purchase on itunes. ^^

Misty Blue – Summer Place [MV]
This song was on the Cracker OST. Since this band announced that they will no longer be Misty Blue, I decided to include one of their videos as both a thank you and a farewell.

* Not included on the playlist but worth mentioning is Morrie, a new K-Indie artist, with a mix of acoustic and pop reminiscent of Taru and Yozoh. Her first album can be sampled here. I’m keeping my eyes open, hoping for a video sometime in the future.

5 Comments Videophile: June 1-15, 2010

  1. wassereis

    thanks for lots of new music~
    I’m a bit surprised, Sungwan said that the titlesong of Seung hwan’s 10th had been changed to 완벽한 추억 he composed … however…

    I didn’t know that 제8극장 have release too..

    LOL@ the cute duck in ‘hello yesterday’

    oh, I think Flower is not in the playlist~

  2. janet

    problem has been fixed~ it was on the playlist but wasn’t playing b/c embedding was disabled on that one. should be fine now.

    Thanks you guys for sharing your thoughts!

  3. wizwidz

    thank you janet! i like it… especially Nine is the kkk i’m very dear cloud bias these days. Listen to Achime’s & Monni’s new albums. Not a fan of their title tracks but I do have my faves in the new albums :) Not only 산책 but 고양이 and 공원 too. The 고양이 ones always make me smile. Oh, this one is not new but kinda old, have you heard Sunday Sunset? Nice acoustic :)

  4. janet

    Yeah that’s true so many songs about cats~(´▽`)
    Is Sunday Sunset the name of a song or band? I have not heard of it/them~
    Sorry for the late reply but google didn’t send me a notif! Happily I scrolled further down today!


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