Rock returns

예레미 (Jeremy) - The Very Best Of Jeremy노바소닉 (Novasonic) - Metamorphosis이브 (Eve) - Guy In Revolution
Although it’s not a scene I follow closely, I’m very fond of progressive metal – especially from bands that at times could also be put in the power metal category. The foremost Korean band fitting this description is Jeremy. With most of their back catalogue out of print, they released The Very Best of Jeremy on March 4. The set consists of two CDs, and a DVD with live material from their show at Polimedia Theater during the Trivial Life Tour. While some important tracks are missing, I’m happy to see my very favorite Jeremy song, Acts, featured on both CD and DVD.

While in Korea last month I was surprised to see posters announcing a concert from Novasonic, a band that as far as I knew had not released anything since fourth full length album Han in 2003. Turns out the concert was connected to the release of new EP Metamorphosis, on March 4. Often described as a rapcore band, Novasonic was formed in 1999 by the members supporting Shin Hae Chul in N.EX.T after he decided to head in a new direction (unfortunately I can no longer recall the intrigues..). With a few songs featured in Pump It Up, most notably Slam (Video Killed The Radio Star) from Novasonic 2, they’ve maintained some popularity throughout the years.

Another rock act from the 90s that’s still going is EVE, a name under which Kim Se Heon continues to make music on his own. Although the first album from EVE was released in 1998, it was not until March 11 2010 that the first official single, Guy In Revolution, came out. Still marketing himself as a provider of glamorous rock, the single contains three versions of rock ballad 날 기억하니 and an EVE version of Girl‘s most popular track, the charming 아스피린. Girl, short for “Get Into the Rock’n’Roll Legend”, being the band where Kim Se Heon was a vocalist before moving on to start EVE.

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