Link roundup, weeks 7-10

Some of the many things I didn’t get around to post on sooner:

Philip Gowman of London Korean Links got a chance to meet up with pop/rock trio Biuret for an interview the other day.and among other things learned a bit about their next album: A meeting with Biuret. If you happen to be in Southampton, don’t forget to check them out live at The Brook tomorrow night.

Jazzholic has collected a couple of articles on the song written by Humming Urban Stereo‘s Lee Jeereen for “No. 5″ creates much controversy

allkpop reports that on March 20 YouTube will be hosting a concert where fans world wide can tune in to check out performances from Clazziquai and Guckkasten among others: Youtube to host concert featuring Epik High, 2AM & more!

At K Bites we can read that Mate won the Yoo Hee Yeol Radio music newcomer award last month: Band Mate surpasses idol singers to win the newcomer award for ‘Yoo HeeYeol Radio’ music award

And last month, wassereis translated a lengthy interview with Lucid Fall for Violet Sweets:[Lucid Fall] Mintpaper Interview.

루시드폴 4집 - 레 미제라블
While on the subject of Lucid Fall, the Korean has provided a short bio together with the translated lyrics for 고등어: AAK! Music: Mackerel by Lucid Fall (2009)

브로콜리 너마저 1집 - 보편적인 노래
A few days ago James Cobb introduced the readers of Send Me To Korea to Broccoli, you too?: Broccoli, You too?

For a chance to learn more on other artists in a structured manner, make-shift cartology and Luminosity are at your service:
group overview: Analog Forest [아날로그숲]
group overview: Damian [데미안]
artist overview: Mighty Coala [마이티코알라]
group overview: National Pigeon Unity [전국비둘기연합]
group overview: Rux [럭스]
[Profile] Coin Classic
[Profile] Heum
[Profile] Maryjane *Really Recommended*
[Profile] Phonebooth

Lastly, you have likely seen this already, but just in case you didn’t: via Omonoa They Didn’t I came across a YouTube video where the members of Clazziquai ask fans to name one of their songs suitable for an acoustic remake as input to their next album: Clazziquai Project (클래지콰이) – Working on New Album in the Studio (subtitle).

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