Link roundup, week 5

As usual, this week Chris Park over at wakesidevision has reviewed plenty of kindie releases:

로빈이 토끼란 사실을 알고 있었나 - 로빈이 토끼란 사실을 알고 있었나이지 1집 - Modern Life...And...With Izi
This week he’s reviewed the debut efforts of Robbin and izi.
로빈이 토끼란 사실을 알고 있었나 – Self-Titled Review
IzI – Vol. 1 – Modern Life…and…With Izi Review

9와 숫자들 - 9와 숫자들14 레프트 (14 Left) - Zahir
Finding the right words, Chris notes that there’s a lot of complexity on the latest release from Indieful ROK favorites Apollo 18 and foresees a bright future: Apollo 18 (아폴로 18) – Violet Review.

He has also listened to the debut album from 9 and the Numbers: 9와 숫자들 – Self-Titled Review. I gave the album my first listen this week and although I’d argue that it’s a bit uneven in how styles are mixed between songs, it does have plenty of strong songs – 선유도의 아침 in particular was a delightful electropop bliss I ended up playing repeatedly. As a fun bonus the limited edition of the CD comes with a scarf.

And on Friday, Chris revealed a new guilty pleasure of his: 14 Left – Zahir Review. Being another album I listened to this week I think I understand why he would call it that. As Chris points out, there are some similarities to Vanilla Unity (which to me has always seemed more popular among the female populace) and on top of that there’s a whole lot of screamo (which I’d say is a vocal style with a higher appeal to a male audience), and instead of thinking they had found a way to speak to both potential groups of fans I found myself wondering if they hadn’t excluded most of their potential listeners. Still, while not as fantastic as I had hoped I liked it a lot as well – as did mrkwang. Sample the album yourself at

Onto something else: I’ve been meaning to tell you just how awesome some of the tracks on Rainy Sun‘s Origin are but so far have failed to find the time. For now you can read up on the band and find samples over at make-shift cartology: group overview: Rainy Sun [레이니썬 ]

And for a bit of news, Violet Sweets reports that The Pony has found a new guitarist, and that there’ll be an acoustic EP out in a few months: [Pony] Guitarist found.

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