Deafening Street borrows sound from U2

데프닝 스트리트 (Deafening Street) - In The Deafening Street
February 11, rock band Deafening Street will release first album In The Deafening Street. Their song Faraway So Close was featured on the first Beyond compilation and on this new release that title has now gotten the company of eight other U2 inspired tracks. Although currently lacking the weight to really pull off arena rock, their effort is commendable and not something I’d dismiss after just one listen. Head over to MySpace to listen to every track from their debut release, or visit the Deafening Street YouTube channel to hear them take on actual U2 songs.

4 Comments Deafening Street borrows sound from U2

  1. helikoppter

    Indeed! I wasn’t watching when I had their take on With Or Without You playing on YT and first thought they were doing it playback! Unfortunately I’m not really much for the sound of U2 – otherwise I probably would’ve found a new favorite band here.


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