Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste
A couple of days ago, the first game from mrkwang‘s Pig-Min Agency came out. The title is Cut & Paste, and as the main character walks through the game it requires the player to cut out pieces of the surroundings and paste them in other places to get further. It’s a somewhat experimental puzzle style game that is actually quite charming. But of course, since this is a music blog it’s the game’s music that should be in focus:

Several months ago mrkwang told me that maybe, maybe a name familiar to Indieful ROK readers would be involved for the soundtrack, but today I found that one of the many Kim Sung Hoons out there ended up responsible for the sounds instead. This particular Kim Sung Hoon is one of the guys behind Bae Boo Jang & Kim Boo Jang that have something of a kpop sound going. In the game however, it’s a cute, happy, and fairly simple instrumental piece of good game music that I would just love to hear in an 8-bit version. Listen yourself while watching the trailer.

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