Link roundup, week 4

It’s been little over a week since I last took the time to share some of the links I’ve found particularly noteworthy, as far as Korean indie music goes. So in an attempt to catch up, here they are!

에피톤 프로젝트 (Epitone Project)- 긴 여행의 시작
New review from refresh_daemon over at Init_Music:
Inbox: Epitone Project – 긴 여행의 시작

푸른새벽 1집 - Bluedawn루시드폴 4집 - 레 미제라블Naru-自家撞着
바이올렛톤 (Violetone) - 너를, 부르다우리는 속옷도 생겼고 여자도 늘었다네 - 사랑의 유람선Yozoh - Traveler
Chris Park continues to offer one interesting review after the other over at wakesidevision:
Bluedawn – Self-Titled
Lucid Fall – Les Miserables Review
Naru – 1집 자가당착 Review
Violetone – 너를 부르다 Review
We Got Underwear And Lots Of Girls – 사랑의 유람선 Review
Yozoh (요조) – Vol. 1 – Traveler Review

Elena 1집 - Say Hello To Every SummerChris Park also reviewed the Espionne produced solo album from Elena: Elena – Say Hello To Every Summer Review.
Can’t really say I agree with him on that one, especially not considering I named it the best Korean album of 2006, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to encourage you to have a listen yourself – both 물빛의 여름 and 입맞춤의 스윙 from the album are up for streaming at MySpace!

If you, like myself, have been curious to learn more about 9 and the Numbers, wassereis is of great help as she’s translated a lengthy interview with 9 himself: Mintpaper’s 9 and the Numbers Interview.

Through that 9 and the Numbers interview we learn that Miracle Of HanRiver will album debut in March, that Flowing has a new album in the works, and that Loro’s will release a remix album.

In other recent release updates from wassereis, over at Violet Sweets:
EZ Hyoung has a mini album called 봄의 기적 coming out on February 23: [EZ Hyung] New Minialbum
– And now that they’re back to being a duo, it seems Zitten has written a whole bunch of new songs: [Zitten] New Album in March

Luminosity -  Blog for Underrateds
During the week, I’ve also come across a blog called Luminosity – Blog for Underrateds, written by the same Mardi09 that does the Under The Radar features at Soompi. Although the primary focus appears to be on lesser known kpop acts, there’s a couple of recent profiles on artists occasionally mentioned around here:
[Profile] The Apop
[Profile] ZY (Zooropa Yellow)

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  1. refresh_daemon

    I have no idea how Chris Park is so prolific with his review writing, but props, man, for the endless stream of reviews–especially considering that helikoppter is cherry picking the k-indie reviews for Indieful ROK.

    I have a growing tower of CDs to review myself and I fear that the tower’s going to grow faster than I can review it.


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