Broken Valentine and Nadia

브로큰 발렌타인 (Broken Valentine) - Calling You나디아(Nadia) - 사랑 그 끝이 참 쓰다
Just after Christmas, Violet Sweets introduced its readers to Broken Valentine: [Broken Valentine] New EP. As the post states, the rock band released its second EP, Calling You on December 22 and it includes a cover of Panic‘s 내 낡은 서랍 속의 바다.

At the very end of 2009, allkpop offered confusing news saying that Nadia releases first mini album. Confusing since their first mini album was released already in November, but SM Entertainment’s electropop duo Nadia did release a new digital single on December 30. The title of it is 사랑 그 끝이 참 쓰다 and in addition to the title track the single also includes two other titles familiar from that first mini album. Or should that be one? 있잖아 나말야 did make it to this digital release too, but perhaps 웃긴얘기 (Missing U) on the single and 끝난얘기 (Missing U) from the mini album are more different than their English titles implies.

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  1. wassereis

    omo, Nadia is just confusing first with the label and now with the songs D:
    my theory is, that they brought out the minialbum with its 7 tracks offline in November, but they released it online in form of 3 digital singles.
    can’t explain the change of the songname though

  2. helikoppter

    What you’re saying should make sense, although the mini album was released digitally as well (that was the cover I used when writing about them the first time). Hopefully the CD version will reach me soon and then I might no longer be as confused :)


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