Apollo 18’s Violet album is out!

It’s January 28 and the day has finally come for the release of fantastic rock band Apollo 18‘s Violet album! You can have a look at the trailer here alongside the previous two – can you see how they fit together? If you’d rather hear a bit of the new songs, go here.

I’ve had a listen to the whole thing several times and I can say that this is definitely another good album from the guys in Apollo 18. I’ve called it “playful” earlier, much thanks to Song A. Lucy has the most incredible intro and then they play some more. Lygerastia is a most awesome song with riffs that remind me of why I became a Jelly Boy fan, although the whole piece is spiced up the A18 way, of course. And finally – I’m loving the heavy guitar parts of Naraka! It’s good all the way through, but as soon as they start grinding those guitars I just have to turn the volume up just a little bit more. Need I mention the Pause tracks sound just as good as usual?

아폴로18 T-shirt
And in other good news: there is now an official Apollo 18 t-shirt! Click the picture of Hyun Seok to find out more.

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