Mini-interview with Oh My Melodies

Oh My Melodies (Jiyoung Lee)
I learned about Oh My Melodies from Espousal Records‘ Kyoungmo Kim as he updated me on the current whereabouts of the members of emo pop band I Love JH. I was instantly charmed by what I heard and returned to listen every now and then. Recently this has happened more frequently, and for reasons that will become obvious tomorrow I found the perfect opportunity to find out more about Oh My Melodies straight from the source:

Who are you?
I am Jiyoung Lee. I used to be in an awesome band in South Korea called I Love JH. Now, I am in Atlanta, and I work on a solo project called Oh My Melodies and a band called Ant Brain.

How did you end up in Atlanta?
I got a temporary dream job at Cartoon Network. Then, I met a boyfriend. I am not working at my dream job anymore. But, I met good people, and I feel it is a good place to stay right now.

How would you describe what Oh My Melodies sounds like?
Bedroom Electronic Pop.

What are your plans for Oh My Melodies?
I just recorded an EP. Here is the link to download the EP: So Lazy. I may record an album next year. I am also acting in a movie where I play a songwriter/fictional version of myself. A few Oh My Melodies songs will make it into the movie.

Oh My Melodies - So LazyYou didn’t miss the link for Oh My Melodies’ first EP up there, did you? It’s a really nice six track release ranging from dreamy space tunes to sweet upbeat synth pop. The lyrics are equally appealing, whether about doing the laundry for a loved one or concluding that one person can not save the world.

The movie mentioned is directed by Dave Bonawits, that has already made a few quirky humorous short films featuring Jiyoung (and at times her music):
Pleasant People
Dog Soup
Living With Constipation
Our Lady
And he has directed this music video too:

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  1. placidian

    Enjoyed the interview and also the ep. Really like the song I Like It All. It reminds me a little of the band Freezepop. =)

    The funny thing is, I just stalked your yesterday, and I was wondering who Oh My Melodies was, lol.


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