Busy Danny.

루비라이트 (Rubylight) - Winterless
Rubylight, Ruby Salon‘s super group (now with support from Tearliner session player and Low-end project member Kang Ji-hoon), has released an album collecting their bossa nova inspired music. The title of the summery release is Winterless and it’s been out since December 22.

Gathering almost every song from the now out of print 2006 EP 아디안텀 블루, the album also contains the band’s take on Muhangwedo‘s 여름이야기 (from Ghost On Summer 2007), the theme from theater play 대빵 큰 고래의 꿈, a song called 천생연분 from OST 2007 movie Swindler in My Mom’s House (사랑방 선수와 어머니), and what sounds like the Birdy Bitz Alien remix of Lost My Melody. Full tracklist and samples for every song but the hidden track at Hyang.

Speaking of Birdy Bitz Alien, aka Jelly Boy, aka Rubylight guitarist, aka Danny – bassist of Apollo 18. From GMC it seems like he’s the one responsible for the music in movie One Night Stand (원나잇스탠드), that was shown on Seoul Independent Film Festival last week.

In further Apollo 18 related news: Dan Geymer has written an article about the guys for Eloquence. Try to read it here. Also, the band finished the mastering of the upcoming Red+ earlier this week and though I will not dwell on details now (I assure you there’ll be more on that later) it sounds absolutely fantastic and is nothing anybody with the least bit of appreciation for Red will want to miss. According to Violet Sweets, the recordings for new album Violet are just about to start and the promo teaser video has already been shot.

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