New EP from 3rd Line Butterfly

3호선 버터플라이 - Nine Days Or A Million
3rd Line Butterfly is alive! Come November 19, the band once so popular because of their outstanding work for wonderful drama Ruler of Your Own World (네 멋대로 해라) celebrates 10 years since debuting – after more than five years of silence on the record front – by releasing an EP called Nine Days Or A Million. The EP holds five new titles, and two of them – 티티카카 (Titicaca) and 깊은 밤 안개 속 (A Heavy Night Fog)– can be downloaded and sampled in full (wma) from Hyang Music.

5 Comments New EP from 3rd Line Butterfly

  1. helikoppter

    Yeah, exciting, isn’t it? I’m already loving A Heavy Night Fog.

    It’s definitely time for some re-releases! They did that when releasing their 3rd so why not do it now too :)

  2. janet

    I’ve been trying to find that drama for years~only ever found raw files, no subbed. That’s really good news, I bet they will re-release.^^
    Thank you for the link, ‘Heavy Night Fog’ is really addictive!

  3. David

    i love this band,
    anyone know where to get their albums? since i love indie bands i dont mind buying their cds online. But yesasia only has their latest one. Anyone know where i can get their older albums?

  4. helikoppter

    The old albums were released in remastered versions not too long ago, so if you ask YesAsia about it I’m sure you could get them from there. Otherwise asking will definitely work.


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