Mini-interview with The APOP

Five member pop punk act The APOP is back together and they sound catchier than ever! Digital single Snowfall will be released later this month and after a sneak preview (?) I can’t seem to get the title track out of my head. Thanks to GMC‘s Kyono I could ask the guys a few questions:

What is the April Party of Pop?
It literally means a party in April and The month The Apop was formed in April 2007. And also it means that we wanna enjoy ourselves playing music with happiness and pleasure just like a party in April.

You just got reunited – what happened?
mmmm….The reason we broke up was that we couldn’t find a common point in music from each member at the time. It’s really true that we have been missing each other so bad because we had done everything together before we got separated. And eventually we have just gotten reunited and are trying hard to do many things as much as we could. No one knows how long can we keep playing together as The APOP members but the crucial thing is that we are back to scene to play music with happiness.

Snowfall is almost too catchy. What can you tell us about it?
The song, Snowfall contains a fairy tale about the one who just escaped from the realities of his/her life travels to find the beloved riding on an ice carriage. This song is what we all The APOP members like the most.

What can we expect from the EP next year?
We are planning to get a come-back show on Dec 26h this year and we are expecting to play five more shows for new EP promo next year. We don’t think we are gonna play lots of shows but we are trying to appeal to fans, winning them over with our tighter musical power. We think we are gonna rest for a while after five shows next year and we will be trying hard to get back to the game with much greater The APOP. Lastly, The Apop is gonna try to make your ears feel sweet with cotton candy like The APOP music.

The APOP is starting over !!! Please come to our shows and enjoy them !!!

As mentioned above, digital single Snowfall will come online later this month, and some time mid to late January 2010 a full EP by the name of Waiting Seasons will be released.

And let me just say something more about Snowfall: For me the whole point of listening to this kind of emo, pop punk (or whatever to call it) music is to get something catchy that’ll not just keep my mood up but also provide a boost of energy. Snowfall does that with ease. As the song continues it keeps getting better, and all of a sudden there’s a bit of synth action taking it even further!

Had The APOP been a band in one of many other places, they would’ve had hordes of teenage fans screaming in front of the stage whenever they went on. And if they would somehow record a ballad (and I’m not sure I would encourage that, but I’m saying if) they’d be the kind of band to get on the top 40 chart and stay there for many, many months. Hear for yourself at MySpace!

5 Comments Mini-interview with The APOP

  1. janet

    cool interview!
    I only came across The APOP a few days back, looking at their videos from ’07 and onwards~they most certainly are catchy (and cute besides)!

  2. Shay

    Fantastic interview and I’m really excited for “Snowfall”. Do you know where online it’ll be available through? GMC or The APOP websites? And just from what I’ve heard of their MySpace material, I fully agree with your insightful conclusion.

    Here’s keeping fingers crossed that they’re her to stay & won’t re-break up soon =)

  3. helikoppter

    Thank you so much, both of you! Really appreciate it :)

    @janet: Yeah, maybe they are kinda cute.. I feel too old looking through their pictures though :p

    @Shay: Don’t know where to get the digital single but when I hear anything I’ll let you know ^^

  4. janet

    @heli, ah I know what you mean.
    after clicking on just a few picture links from omonatheydidn’t, I felt really old since most of them featured groups of guys or girls 15 or younger. But I hope I’m right in assuming The Apop is closer to my age. ><
    Never know these days…


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