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Beatball - The Grooviest Sound In The World
Somewhat belated, but finally I’ve had all songs from Beatball artists join Merry Go Round for the introduction to Korean twee pop posted this summer! When I heard back from Beatball (coincidentally just after I had gotten back to the hotel from a show with a couple of Beatball artists), Lee Bong Soo was very supportive and happily gave permission to share a couple of songs each from Sweetsoap, Pirigwa, The Smiles, and Fiddle Bambi. Thank you, Lee Bong Soo and Beatball Records!

Please have another read, download the songs, listen to them, love them. Some of it’s still available in stores, Fiddle Bambi even through Amazon. There’ll be more Beatball goodness on this blog in just a few days – drop by tomorrow for a hint on what’s next!

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  1. janet

    thanks for the songs~ I vaguely remember that post! I listened to the songs on their respective qt players.

    I wasn’t able to figure how to download the songs, I feel kind of dumb for not being able to figure out what it is fileden wanted me to do to get to that point.

    Well thank you anyway, I love love love twee pop!

    And did you notice yeongene’s (fan’s?) youtube has been cancelled. Made me sad. :[

  2. helikoppter

    Hope both of you found something new to like :)

    Unfortunately with the exception of Sweetsoap none of those groups exist anymore. I had thought Sweetsoap was gone too, but turns out that was just military service. Got to talk a bit to Mr. Sweetsoap himself after that show and learned that there will probably another CD next year! I heard two new songs that night, and last year he posted another one that can still be downloaded from his blog ^^


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