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Bugs Indie TOP10 – October 18, 2009
1. 7GramsLady Come2me (feat. Park Woong)
2. Lee Sung Woo – 널 만나러 가는 길
3. Dream CarKawakame (feat. Lesotho Boys)
4. Gayo Top 10 – 오직 하나뿐인 그대 [@ Let’s Rock]
5. Siamese – 기억에 기억을 더해…
6. Jang Kiha & The Faces – 달이 차오른다, 가자 [MV]
7. Playgirl – 해피매니아 [Beatball MySpace]
8. Cryim – 사랑은 독약처럼
9. Broccoli, you too? – 앵콜요청금지 [@ MBC nanjang]
10. Jang Kiha & The Faces – 싸구려 커피 [@ EBS Space]

The new additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
12. Lucite Tokki – 손꼭잡고
43. Lucite Tokki – 생일
47. Lucite Tokki – 바보 마녀의 하루
75. Midnight StitchMoonlight
81. Monni – 바람부는 날 [MV]
96. My Aunt Mary – 내 맘 같지 않던 그 시절
97. Buttea – 널 위해

See the full top 100 list here.

세븐그램스(7 Grams) - Lady Come2meMale duo 7 Grams debuted with a self titled album in July last year. One of the members is Hur Gyu, once the lead vocalist of Pinocchio and it appears he’s also frequently cast in various musicals. Their second and latest digital single, Lady Come2me, was released on October 8. The Park Woong featured is none other than the original EVE guitarist.

미드나잇 스티치(Midnight Stitch) - 1st single MOONLIGHTAnother male duo, Midnight Stitch debuted with single Moonlight on October 9. It contains three different songs (of which only one made it to the chart this week) and instrumental versions of them all. From what I can tell they’ve got some sort of indie rock sound going.

Although it seems quartet Buttea – which really is nothing else but a combination of the words “but” and “tea” – has been around since 2005, it was not until October 7 this year that they debuted with four track digital release EP. Some more indie rock, I think.

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