A couple of light electronica releases

알비 프리코드 (rb_free Code Combination) - Hard Disk, Almost Forgotten크리스피 로즈 (Crispy Rhodes) - 2nd 미니앨범 : Love Song
Continuing down the electronica trail before moving onto something else:

October 13, rb_free code combination released a first full length album by the name of Hard disk, Almost Forgotten on CD. A digital version of the album was released already on September 3, and in addition to songs from the last couple of years’ digital singles it also includes a few new titles. Check out the Mellow version of 생각이난다 on YouTube.

After having first mini album Whiteout Night sell for close to nothing at YesAsia, Crispy Rhodes returned with a digital release of second mini album Love Song on October 29. Check out the title track music video for an idea of what they sound like. It’s not really my kind of music, but I’m honestly surprised they don’t have a bigger following already. The CD version should be out on November 5.

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