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While I was enjoying myself on the other side of the world, a surprising amount of k-indie related music reviews from various sources found their way onto the internet. I have most likely missed some, but here’s what I found while going through my starred items today:

쵸코크림 롤스 1집 - chococream RollsDonawhale 2집 - Dive Into Blue도나웨일 1집 - Donawhale
EE 1집 - Imperfect, I'mperfectNell (넬) 6집 - Separation AnxietyLucite Tokki (루싸이트 토끼) 2집 - A Little Sparkle
First up I’d like to introduce you all to wakesidevision, that has been posting a lot of reviews of both Japanese and Korean music during the past month. Personally I like those reviews because more often than not his opinion appears to be the opposite of mine, meaning I’m always excited to read them. From the beginning:
Chococream Rolls – Self-Titled Review (ChocoCream Rolls was a side-project from two of the Jaurim members and one of the Funny Powder guys, with only one album released in 2003)
Donawhale – Dive to Blue Review
Donawhale – Self-Titled Review
EE – Imperfect, I’mperfect Review
Sugar Donut – Spinner Jump Review
Nell – A Separation Anxiety Review
Lucite Tokki – Vol. 2 A Little Sparkle

로로스 (Loro's) - Dream(s)
The Silent Ballet has again turned its ears towards Korea with a review of the most recent Loro’s release: Loro’s – Dream(s). Although I quite like Dream(s), contradictory to [how I interpreted] the reviewer I much prefer the diversity of full length album Pax.

윈터플레이 (Winterplay) - Hot Summerplay
Init_Music has reviewed the latest album effort from jazz pop act Winterplay: Winterplay – Hot Summerplay

13STEPS - Existence49 Morphines - Partial EclipseApollo 18 - [0] The Blue Album
Firestorm - Amigos Para SiempreNinesin - The Death, We Will FaceKnockdown - Violence for Violence
Maze - Struggle 4 YourselfLO - SpringVicious Glare - Commencement
In the 10th and latest issue of Broke in Korea, a bunch of GMC and Estella releases were reviewed, all re-posted at Kyono’s blog: GMC / Estella 아티스트 앨범 리뷰 – Broke Zine. The releases in question are the following:
13 StepsExistence
49 MorphinesPartial Eclipse
Apollo 18Self Titled
FirestormAmigos Para Siempre (Actually this particular review I find sorta unfair – what little I catch of the lyrics while listening to Firestorm is my main reason to continue. Big Time Hustler in particular is an excellent song to change my mood from worse to better.)
NinesinThe Death, We Will Face
KnockdownViolence for Violence
MazeStruggle 4 Yourself
Vicious GlareCommencement

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