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The apparent popularity of Broccoli, you too? on the indie chart at Bugs even a full 10 months after the album release is something that has had me surprised. Granted it’s very good music (I still listen fairly often to both the album and the EP myself), but they just never seemed to get the same response as Pastel or Happy Robot artists get nowadays. Then, exiting the subway at Cheolsan station tonight the first thing I heard was not the regular KPop every other store or cafe is blasting, but 앵콜요청금지 from Broccoli, you too?! So just because they don’t seem to gain a lot of attention from around the world doesn’t necessarily mean that people in Korea don’t listen to them, or something.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – October 11, 2009
1. Lee Sung Woo – 널 만나러 가는 길
2. Siamese – 기억에 기억을 더해…
3. Gayo Top 10 – 오직 하나뿐인 그대 [@ KMTV]
4. Cryim – 사랑은 독약처럼
5. Dream CarKawakame (feat. Lesotho Boys)
6. Cocore – 유체이탈 [@ club dgbd 090912]
7. Playgirl – 해피매니아 [Beatball MySpace]
8. Broccoli, you too? – 앵콜요청금지 [@ Club Bbang 080412]
9. Broccoli, you too? – 이웃에 방해가 되지 않는 선에서 [@ GMF08]
10. TaruNight Flying

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
69. Gayo Top 10 – 질투
70. Gayo Top 10 – 언젠가는
81. Space Butterfly – 내가 들리니 (feat. 동규)
93. Bulldog Mansion – 춘천가는 기차
94. Jun JackLove Jam [MV]
99. Wounded FlySo Sad Song [MySpace]

See the full top 100 list here.

꿈에 카메라를 가져올걸 (Dream Car) - A Boy In Lesotho (EBS 리얼실험프로젝트 X 아프리카에 희망의 노래를)Never heard of Dream Car before, but it appears to be some kind of project from EBS to help people in Lesotho. A four track digital album called a boy from Lesotho was released October 2. Bugs has labeled it indie-rock, and I think it’s supposed to have some African influences.

우주나비 - 내가 들리니Space Butterfly has put out a number of digital releases since 2006, the latest one being a single by the name of 내가 들리니 available online since September 30.

For reasons unknown to me, Bulldog Mansion’s old recording of Kim Hyun Chul‘s 춘천가는 기차 has made it onto the list this week. The song was first released on Indie Power 2001 early 2001 as one of many covers in the fun but now defunct Indie Power compilation series.

Jun Jack album debuted with 10 love songs on Funky Love Songs, released September 23.

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