Electric Muse has joined last.fm!

Kim Mingyu’s very fine label Electric Muse has joined last.fm and now offers the entire Electric Muse catalog for full track streaming. To make it even better, there’s at least one free download for just about every album. Here’s the complete list of releases and available downloads:

Atombook - Warm Hello From The Sunatombook
Warm Hello From The Sun (2008)
02. Let Me Go Away
12. Warm Hello From The Sun

다방밴드 - 돗대Dabang Band
Last One/돗대 (2007)
02. 45

드린지 오 (Dringe Augh) - Individually WrappedDringe Augh
Individuall Wrapped (2009)
02. Tutelar

Orgeltanz - 요람에서 무덤까지Orgeltanz
From the Cradle to the Grave/요람에서 무덤까지 (2008)
05. A Way to Get Free Champagne/비열한 거지의 거부할 수 없는 한마디

굴소년단 - Laughing AahOyster Boys
Laughing Aah (2007)
04. Whatever You

굴소년단 1집 - Tiger SoulOyster Boys
Tiger Soul (2009)
03. I Must Love

Plastic People
Plastic People EP (2002)

Plastic People
Folk, Ya! (2006)
02. Airport Man and Woman/공항남녀

플라스틱 피플 (Plastic People) 3집 - SnapPlastic People
Snap (2009)
04. A day is well found in a joke/농담으로 충분한 하루

Starry-Eyed - Sweet NightStarry-Eyed
Sweet Night (2008)
04. Paprika/파프리카

비둘기 우유 - AeroVidulgi OoyoO
aero (2008)
06. Even Freedom

Should you after downloading and listening to these songs feel that streaming is not good enough to hear the rest yet you can’t stand to wait for a CD to arrive, these releases should all be available via iTunes.

2 Comments Electric Muse has joined last.fm!

  1. helikoppter

    You’re most welcome :)

    I just wish I could’ve done this proper mp3 blogger style with a bit of info on artists & songs, but weekends only hold so little time and there’s always so much else that must be taken care of :/


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