Something on Grand Mint Festival 2009

Grand Mint Festival 2009
In a couple of months – October 24-25, to be exact – Grand Mint Festival is coming up, and as a Korean indie fan with no actual experience of Korean festivals it seems like the one festival one really shouldn’t miss. In fact, I’ve even made plans to go there myself this year (finally! I’m so excited!) and so I was a bit extra curious about things and sent off a few questions that were kindly answered:

How many acts are you hoping to put on stage this year?
We hope more than 50 artists in this year but we won’t know until everything is decided.

From what I understand there will be four different stages – what can a visitor expect to hear when visiting each of them?
Mint Breeze : It’s a biggest stage in GMF. U can see them in front of stage as other rock music festival, and u can sit back and relax on big grass field.
Loving Forest : This is our remarkable stage. You can enjoy music with great looks of lakeside. Sometimes water fountain spills water, and music is very selective
Club Midnight Sunset : This year, this stage will be bigger than ever. It will play club rock, electric and so on
Cafe Blossom House : U can relax!

How many visistors are you expecting? Do tickets usually sell out?
Unlike other music festival, we strictly check the ticket sales. To provide maximum relaxation at GMF, we limit the ticket numbers. Last year, Sunday ticket was sold out.

What is the purpose of the “festival guy”?
GMF wants to be not only music festival, but culture festival. Like many movie festival, we assign a person to introduce GMF more frequently to people who don’t know GMF well. Festival Lady/Guy takes a photo, trailer, and other promotional process. However, we are not assigning anyone to be a festival person. We only asks who really like music and understands GMF’s theme

The festival guy this year is model/actor Kim Jae Wook, whom I assume most people recognize as the waffle guy in Coffee Prince. A list of confirmed artists can be found here – so far it includes names such as The Black Skirts, Han Hee Jung, Peterpan Complex, sweetpea, Sister’s Barbershop, Jang Ki Ha & The Faces and Zitten. More names to be added on August 31.

And here’s how to get a ticket if you can’t follow the instructions in Korean:

Send e-mail to Ticketlink ( ) with the information below. Our booking manager will contact you back with your reservation confirmation letter.
1) Name
2) # of tickets wish to purchase
3) Foreigner registration number or passport number
4) Desired date (Oct. 24, 25 or both)
5) Credit card information: cardholder’s name, card number, and expiration date (mm-yy)

Ticket pick-up booth will be located at the entrance of the festival site and you will be able to pick up your tickets anytime during festival period with presentation of your reservation confirmation letter and public/official identification document (foreign registration card, passport, international driving license, etc.).

15 Comments Something on Grand Mint Festival 2009

  1. helikoppter

    Not much for cameras though, but perhaps if I can get one cheap while there… If nothing else I’ll most likely type up some sort of travel account when back, so a few pictures to liven it up a bit might be a good idea ^^

  2. Yung

    Sounds like a GREAT line-up. Too bad I will be a poor non-Korean college freshman this October and the festival is half-way around the world….Will look forward to your account though!

  3. dansudansu

    Do you guys know if there will be any further lineup announcements?

    Who, in your opinion, will be this year´s highlight?

  4. Janet Kupelian

    Oh in the post there is a link to mint’s hompi listing all the artists who will perform.**

    Assuming it’s an open question, IF I were going…hmm…I would most be looking forward to Sweet Sorrow, Jeju Boy, Han Hee Jeong, and Alice In Neverland. :]

  5. helikoppter

    No further drops as far as I’m aware, but I guess they could always add another few artists to the lineup anyway.

    This year’s highlight.. There are several artists I’m really excited about both days and I wish it was possible to see them all without missing too much. but if I had to choose then it’d probably be sweetpea ^^

  6. Janet Kupelian

    Pre-ordered tickets for 2-day: 88,000 won/for 1-day 55,000 won
    To purchase on day of the festival will cost 95,000 won/ for 1 day 60,000 won

    If you’re in the US that translates to about (I believe):
    95k won= $79
    88k won= $73
    60k won= $50
    55k won= $46


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