Mini-interview with Sunkyeol

As you may recall Kyoungmo Kim of now disbanded Especially When (interview & download link for one of the best songs ever written here) has started anew with Sunkyeol. Eager as I am to learn more about this band that already has had me obsessively playing the same song(s) over and over again, I’m very happy that he took the time to answer a few questions for Indieful ROK:

Who are the members of Sunkyeol?
At the moment Sunkyeol is myself, Daewook Chung on drums and Junhyung Yang on bass, among other friends who help out from time to time.

What does Sunkyeol mean, and why did you choose the name?
It means “(something) that needs to be solved (kyeol) with priority (sun)”. It is a word often used in political terms and situations. I chose it mainly because of its Korean nuance, which I think has grace in pronunciation yet harshness in meaning.

What does Sunkyeol sound like?
This kind of question is always very hard to answer. In this day and age my best answer would be to refer you to our Myspace page which is But for the record – lots of vocals, lots of melodies and experimentation.

Would you like to share something on your future plans for Sunkyeol?
We’re planning to release a single soon but no idea when and from which label. If anyone’s interested please get in touch!

Oh, and even if you’ve been there before I’d recommend you to visit that MySpace page again – in addition to the previously available lovely songs, there is now also a demo version of a song called 겨울.

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