Mini-interview with Apollo 18

아폴로 18
As you may be aware, Apollo 18 is one of the best new bands in Korea right now – they even have an award to prove it! Having been a fan of Jelly Boy for years I was not disappointed when I realized that his new band was somewhere beyond incredible. And so, I’m awfully happy that Estella/GMC RecordsKyono agreed to translate for an Indieful ROK mini interview:

How did Apollo 18 come together?
DANNY (Bassist) :
I played my one man elec-pop project – Jellyfish Boy – a few years ago. And at that time I wanted some session players to play with me for Jellyfish Boy. The guitarist, HyunSeok, and the drummer, SangYun, for APOLLO18 now were the very session players I found for Jellyfish Boy. Eventually, I made an offer to them to start a new band called “Apollo18” right after SangYun got out of military service in 2008. (Korean younger kids around even 20 years old got a duty of military service in South Korea.)

How would you describe your music and the dynamics of it?
It’s what we can’t define yet. But all we can say at least is that we are trying to make some sound and music we love and want. And we want people who listen to our music to make their own imagination and get some inspiration on listening to Apollo18. It depends on listeners plus we respect evertything from each listener’s reactions. We wanna enjoy ourselves finding something from our music as well.

How do you feel about winning the indie musician category in the Rookie Music Awards?
We really appreciate it. Its always happy to get awarded.

What lies in the future of Apollo 18
We wanna keep on playing music for a long time. We dont know about what kind of music we are gonna make and play yet but the most important thing to Apollo18 is that we all three members are just like real brothers and family members and so the just only thing we want is that we play together with joy forever. That’s it.

If you want to hear why I think they’re so awesome, I’d strongly recommend you to check out this live performance of Warm from the debut EP. And if you need to be reminded about the mesmerizing effect of their current Blue Album sound, another look at the official Orbis video should take care of that.

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