M-Net Time To Rock Festival & Indie Root Festa

A few years back Nudeviking was one of my favorite k-bloggers. Nowadays he doesn’t update as much, and the occasional posts end up in my feed reader long after the date the blog states they were posted on. Today my feed reader treated me to two delayed posts – both fairly amusing live reports:

First there was M-Net Time To Rock Festival 2009 from early June. Includes brief paragraphs on Sugar Donut, Cuba, Guckkasten, Galaxy Express, Biuret, The Black Skirts, Crying Nut, W&Whale, My Aunt Mary, Yozoh, Jang Kiha & The Faces, Super Kidd, Kim Chang Wan Band, Boohwal, Transfixion, Cherry Filter, Wiretap In My Ear/Prana, Schizo, PIA, No Brain and Yoon Do Hyun. (And in case you too got curious about that W&Whale SK Broadband song – you can find the CF here)

And from mid-June, there was Indie Root Festa. Mentions performances from Story Seller, Dr.Core 911, Rux, Copy Machine, Cherry Filter, Rainy Sun, Wiretap In My Ear/Prana and No Brain.

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