K-popped! on W&Whale

Via BabelPop I found that KPop blog K-popped! made an attempt at introducing electronica act W&Whale to its readers: W&Whale is a High School Sensation.

And since I’ve been listening to 90s kpop this morning – did you know that W/Where The Story End‘s Bae Young Jung used to be in a duo called Kona? They released their first album, Knock On Neutral Affection, in 1993 and their fifth & last album, In Flower, was released in 2000. Can’t say I listened to them myself back then (only looked them up after falling in love with Where The Story End’s 기도 (Prayer)) but anyway… Here’s a video for a song off In Flower: 코나 – 우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다. All I could find on YouTube.

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