He 6, The Mu:n and ironic HUE on last.fm

Messin' With Sly - Imitations, Interpolations and the Inspiration of Sly Stone: A Tribute To Sly Stone아이러닉 휴 1집 - Into The MirrorThe Mu:n (더 문) - Launchin' To The MoonThe Mu:n (더 문) 1집 - The Big Step On The Moon
Speaking of last.fm, while listening to the Fiddle Bambi similar artists radio the other day all of a sudden I heard a couple of He 6 songs that were all new to me. Turns out Le Smoke Disque released a Sly Stone tribute album called Messin’ With Sly in October last year, upon which the Korean psych rock act had three songs featured: Dance to the Music, Stand! and Sing A Simple Song – all originally from He6 Vol. 2 (1971). The entire tribute album can be streamed from here.

While listening to the same radio station, I also realized that E.G.G. Music has joined last.fm with three albums: The Mu:n‘s first EP, Launchin’ To The Moon (2005), and first album, The Big Step On The Moon (2006), as well as ironic HUE‘s debut album Into The Mirror (2007). Check out the former for Led Zeppelin influenced rock’n’roll and the latter for Radiohead influenced modern rock.

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