A couple of remix albums

브라운 아이드 걸즈 (Brown Eyed Girls) 3집 - Sound G
If you pay any attention to mainstream k-pop, you are probably aware that Brown Eyed Girls are promoting a bunch of new songs right now. They released their 3rd full length album, Sound G, on July 2 and the second CD of the release contains a bunch of remixes from a bunch of interesting electronica related names. Personally I’m most curious to hear (former?) techno maker Saintbinary‘s Sweet Purple remix of Hold The Line, but I’m also curious about East4A‘s remix of YOU (which was actually written by Saintbinary). Check out what e1leen0nt0fu wrote about all remixes for Popseoul.

And almost as difficult to miss is the Epik High x Planet Shiver collaboration Remixing The Human Soul which was released today, July 22. From what I understand a bunch of old Epik High tracks have now gotten a new finish. Included on the tracklist among others are Love Love Loveless featuring Casker‘s Yungjin; 11, a little memory featuring Taru, and You Are The One feturing Clazziquai‘s and Ibadi‘s Horan. allkpop has a post dedicated to the album, and KoME reveals that those buying the digital version through iTunes will also get a 5 page pdf digital booklet.

2 Comments A couple of remix albums

  1. Uncle Tomato

    I checked the BEG album because of this nice drum ‘n bass remix by Fraktal I’d heard on Youtube (the only Korean DnB I’ve heard to date..!)

    The 2nd track is remixed by Haihm, is he well known? It’s really unconventional, all cutup and harsh. Pretty brave, doubt any tweenagers would actually enjoy it :)

  2. helikoppter

    Would you recommend it? I actually quite liked their My style EP and wouldn’t really mind hearing more of their unremixed material…

    As for Haihm (I think that’s a she btw, though I’m not sure), I think well known is quite the stretch but I do recognize the name from before. There was a self-titled album released in 2008 that you might want to check out if you want to hear more.


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