Ways to get your music out there, part 2

The Handshake
The very fine Norwegian blog Eardrums has released several very fine compilations in the past (you remember Birdsongs, Beesongs featuring Yeongene & BMX Bandits‘ take on Rod McKuen‘s Ally Ally Oxen Free, right?) and is currently preparing for a new exciting collaborations project currently named The Handshake. Basically bands/artists should pair up two and two, come up with a new band name and make a song together. Details here. The result is planned for release late 2009, and it’ll be free and only available in digital format.

So, if you make melodic music and feel like trying something new while eventually having your music heard by lots of people (at the very least I know that writers of “Sweden’s leading music magazine” appreciate these compilations) why not let Eardrums know? And if you don’t already know who you’d like to collaborate with for this project, that’s ok too.

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