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  1. e1leen0nt0fu

    Ahah yeah. I’m the writer for the Indie Spotlights on PS. I totally meant it to be bi-monthly, but I’ve gotten a whee bit sidetracked.
    In the future, I’m going to be more strict on myself and do it every 2 weeks. I feel kinda honored that the spotlight is mentioned here. I love your blog, it’s SUPER informative and very concise. Keep up the g00d work~!

  2. helikoppter

    Thank you so much for the compliments!

    Actually, I didn’t even know bi-monthly could mean twice a month until I looked it up just now (only knew of the once every two months meaning – kinda ambiguous, that expression), so I was pleasantly surprised to see the second one posted so soon :) Great initiative by the way – it’s really nice to see one of the big kpop blogs introduce its readers to indie music. And you’ve done a really good job so far ^^

  3. e1leen0nt0fu

    Ah~I see. No wonder, I was like “only been a month”? Yeah I just looked it up as well. I can’t believe that it has such two different definitions.
    Yeah, we’re trying new things for PS. Thank you for enjoying it~! I was thinking about something House for the next post.


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