Stylish Korea according to Japan

Stylish Korea
I never got around to posting on Stylish Korea when it was released last year, so now that I was reminded of its existence again I’ll try to make that up by also telling you how to get it cheaper, or something.

September 10, 2008, Japanese label freedom record put out a compilation called Stylish Korea, gathering songs from 12 more or less electronic Korean artists. The complete artist list (in alphabetical order) includes Aquibird, Beautiful Days, Blue ‘Sorbet, Casker, DOT, Elena, HourmeltS, Portable Groove 09, Roller Coaster, Star Love Fish, The Smiles and Vistee. Sample songs from all but Casker and Vistee from the album page at Victor Entertainment

If you feel like picking it up you might be interested to learn that the price has dropped from 1886¥ to 1320¥ (excl. tax) at CDJapan. And that the same retailer currently offers a 500¥ coupon for orders totaling over 3000¥ in the 2009 Summer Coupon Offer. (And no, I’m not affiliated with CDJapan in any way – I just thought it was a good deal [not only will I get a copy of Stylish Korea, but those Higashikawa Akiko singles will finally be mine too!] and wanted to share.)

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