So Cow & Moon Geun Young

So Cow - So Cow
Irish act So Cow has been mentioned on this blog a few times in the past because of his connection to Korea, and now it seems his name is getting better known in Korea too. The Chosun Ilbo has made news out of So Cow song Moon Geun Young from the So Cow LP, and allkpop offers a similar piece in English. However, as So Cow points out on his MySpace blog (and as was hinted by the Pitchfork reviewer) the song isn’t really about the actress herself but concerns ads featuring Moon Geun Young.

4 Comments So Cow & Moon Geun Young

  1. Brian

    Thanks for the link to allkpop…to be honest, this has all been truly terrifying. That’ll teach me for being a bit silly with my lyrics. Again, awesome blog.
    brian so cow

  2. helikoppter

    Thank you!

    People seem really curious about your lyrics though. I just skimmed through the referrals for this blog from today and noticed several google searches made by people obviously trying to find out what it is you’re really singing about Moon Geun Young…

  3. Brian

    I’d better put them up somewhere then. I expect a wave of disappointment when they realise it’s about an ex (and an Irish one at that). At the very least I hope to meet Moon Guen Young and get a fantastically awkward photo.


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