Pastel gives sweet sound to LG Cyon

This morning, Pastel Music posted something about “Sweet-diary” on the Pastel blog, mentioning a bunch of indie bands. mrkwang was kind enough to translate the important pieces for me so I could share with you: Apparently Sweet Diary is a project for the new LG Cyon Lollipop brand, and they’re working closely with Pastel (we’ve already seen some LG/Pastel CF stuff here, here and here). Targeting the 1723 generation (that’d be people between 17-23 years of age), Yozoh, Taru, Han Hee Jung, Merry Clave, Lucite Tokki and Zitten have all contributed with ringtones and/or sound effects.

The artists all have their profiles in the Sweet Diary section of the Lollipop site and the sounds are all in the “Sound List” sub section (where Sentimental Scenery too is represented). If streaming from the Lollipop site isn’t working for you, a collection of selected short mp3 samples can be heard from the LG blog instead.

2 Comments Pastel gives sweet sound to LG Cyon

  1. mrkwang store

    Those MP3s are ‘Ringtone’ for cellular phone. Cyon is Cellular phone, and Lolipop is recent brand.

    And I wrote as ‘CF’ before, maybe it’s somewhat different from CF.


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