Yozoh sings Honey Honey Baby for Cooky

요조(Yozoh) - Cooky
The Cooky release expected from Yozoh today, April 10, turned out to be a digital single with the song 허니 허니 베이비 which is currently used in one of LG Cyon’s Kim Tae Hee Cooky phone commercials. The NG film and commercials – all with the Yozoh song playing, of course – can be watched and downloaded from the Cooky site.

Oh, and while browsing that site, you can choose from three jingles to keep your ears entertained: one of them goes by the name of 쇼핑은 즐거워 and is performed by Yozoh, while another called 사랑이란 is performed by Taru.

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