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럭스 (Rux) 1집 - 우리는 어디로 가는가썩스터프 (Suck Stuff) 3집 - New Classic 썩스터프 (Suck Stuff) - Generation Upon The Deadline세임 올드 스토리 (Same Old Story) 1집 - Same Old Story
Dope Entertainment has further increased its presence at with the following additions to its albums:
– The remastered version of Rux‘s first album, Where Do We Go released in February this year. Full samples available for We Stand Here, Forever, Where Do We Go and Head Away.
– A few songs from last year’s full length album from Suck Stuff, New Classic. Full sample available for Cheers To You.
– The only song on Suck Stuff’s 2008 CD-R single Generation Upon The Deadline.
– The excellent debut album of “unlucky band” Same Old Story, Same Old Story, from late 2006. Full samples available for Smile Smile Against The World, New Flash and Sun Kills Moon.
And now there’s also a Dope Entertainment Playlist.

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