Toxicbiasfleurivy mini-interview

톡식바이어스플뤠르아이비 (Toxicbiasfleurivy)
Eager to promote Toxicbiasfleurivy best as he can, mrkwang suggested I’d do an interview with the duo. I don’t mind asking questions as long as I’m curious to know the answers, and quite liking them myself I scribbled down a few questions that Lim Jae Yeon answered over the night:

Who are Toxicbiasfleurivy?
Electric Music Project duo, including ‘Lim Jae Yeon’ & ‘Kim Chang Hwi’.

You have an intriguing name. Where does it come from?
In fact… well… forgot about it. :)
Maybe it’s not for reading, just for seeing as ‘picture’. Kinda… different kind of ‘visual art’.

I understand that you are not so interested in the IDM label that your distribution company has put on you. How would you define your sound and what term (if any) would you like to use to describe it?
At then, there were no label who deals with IDM style music in Korea.
In fact, we didn’t announce that we’d do IDM. Just we play together, we made some music as tbfi, and others call our music IDM. That’s all.
Personally I have done ‘recording engineer’ career, and can do make-up for some sounds I want. So I can make interesting & fun result, from time to time.

Your music requires a lot of attention from the listener – how do you suggest one goes about to get the ultimate Toxicbiasfleurivy listening experience?
Enjoy astral emotions & guess for minor details.

And if you’re still curious as to what term TBFI themselves would use to describe their music it’s GDM – Grunge Desktop Music. Sample their second and third album through and buy the albums from mrkwang – using coupon code Particles when shopping for $40 or more will warrant a $4 discount until April 30.

Here’s a piece on Particles that I pulled off Facebook:

We were inspired by LHC, supersymmetric twin higgs and all the strange Antimatter, so that each copy of our album might be coded (charged) by God’s particle. lol

This album will activate power from another dimension, placing the Audience enrap

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