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톡식바이어스플뤠르아이비 (Toxicbiasfleurivy) - Particles톡식바이어스플뤠르아이비 (Toxicbiasfleurivy) - Uncertainty / Composition
IDM duo Toxicbiasfleurivy will release its 3rd full length album, Particles, March 26. There’s a teaser vid at YouTube and if you visit Pastel Music you can sample a song. If you understand Korean, you might also be interested in studying the album info at Hyang which contains an interview by Pastel.

In further news, courtesy of mrkwang, Toxicbiasfleurivy’s second album, Uncertainty Composition, is now available at The same mrkwang currently offers a 5% discount if you use the coupon code toxic when shopping from him before March 31.

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