Korean synth stuff from Telepathy

TELEPATHY - This is Robot Rock'n'Roll! No Future
A few weeks ago, a post by Shawn over at the Korea Gig Guide turned my attention towards Telepathy by calling them “Devo-inspired new wavers”. I’ve been meaning to make a post on them since, but couldn’t really get time on my side. Not that I have that much to say actually, but I was so happy to find them I figured chances are more people would like to find out they exist. Here we go:

Telepathy is a four member band. Two of the members play synth, essentially giving the band the sound I had expected from Synth Boys. MySpace offers three samples and the album note for all of them say Telepathy Robot with a release date June 12 2009. Whether that is actually a planned release or not I can not say, but I’ll see about investigating that later. Check out newwavelove’s YouTube channel to see Telepathy in action!

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