Solo work from member soon released

조월 (Jowall) - 네가이곳에서보게될것들 (Things You Are Going To See Here)
Thanks to we learn that byul and Underwear Band member Jowall will release a solo album on February 7. The title is Things You Are Going To See Here and it’s manufactured and distributed by label Club Bidanbam. Hyang Music has a sampler track.

2 Comments Solo work from member soon released

  1. icq4ever

    wow. you still visit my blog!! long time no see. how are you?

    about few month ago, I found that you posted my m/v for myhairball, and today, I just wondering what you doing there days, but I lost bookmark your blog. finally, I find it with google. haha.

    I have jowall’s new single album. if you want it, tell me.

    yes. I know that’s illegal, but out of korea, it’s impossible buy it. yet.(as I know).

    it’s beautiful album. :) I just want many people listen his music.

  2. helikoppter

    Of course I do :) I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of your music recommendations or anything you’d made yourself ^^

    No need for the jowall album – I’ll just get it from mrkwang next time. Thanks for the offer though!

    And thank you for joining the Indieful ROK group at! See you around


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