The Invisible Fish T-Shirts

FUZZPOP short sleeved shirt series: Through The Glass Wall
FUZZPOP short sleeved shirt series: Loss/Sleepless
It’s February 5 and so the launching day for the Fuzzpop short sleeved shirt series has arrived. Both The Invisible Fish EPs are represented and the handprinted t-shirts are sold in those Loss/Sleepless type boxes, accompanied by a data CD. See the blog of slowzz for details and more pictures.

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  1. helikoppter

    While taking a break from my most hell-ish evening so far this year, your comment actually put an honest smile on my face. The idea wasn’t all that bad either. I will have to investigate further, ’cause now that I think of it I would like to have one too… Thank you so much!


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