Matilda’s Rabbit salutes Game Boy

마틸다스 래빗 (Matilda's Rabbit) 1집- Viva! Game Boy
One would think that in a game loving country such as Korea – where there are TV channels dedicated to Starcraft and it was possible to purchase real life-size WoW items already during the beta – such a thing as bitpop would be widely popular. Perhaps it is, but the only Korean chiptune artist I know of is Bubblyfish – and she only begun making music after leaving Korea for the US. And so I find that a one man band called Matilda’s Rabbit released an album called Viva! Game Boy January 19.

However, just as with Synth Boys the name sorta deceives. At least it is not the kind of gameboy pop I had expected – because, you know, to the initiated there are such things as bitpop lounge music and other cool genres which the music of Matilda’s Rabbit might very well belong to (any initiated reader is more than welcome to set it straight!). My best suggestion is somewhat experimental, lo-fi, electronic music – reminiscent of select pieces from ZzzAaM and Rainy Sun. Have a listen yourself at MySpace, where four songs from the album can be sampled in full (make sure not to miss ambulance!).

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