Orgeltanz album debutes

World/folk act Orgeltanz released its first album, 요람에서 무덤까지 , on December 9. I’ve been curious about them since they were first mentioned at Korea Gig Guide (they have a Canadian belly dancer, Eshe, in the line up – how’s that for awesome?) and finally people out of Seoul get a chance to hear them too. Sample four songs in full at MySpace and another three in short at Hyang.

Shawn Despres was kind enough to hook me up with some bonus information: The band’s guitarist, Shoonguli, was previously in Murmur’s Loom and is currently second guitarist in Starry-Eyed – both on Electric Muse with Orgeltanz. Plus he plays the drums for Daydream. Those of you that are in Seoul might also be interested in learning that Orgeltanz will hold two free CD release gigs within the next few weeks: December 20 at Rainbow in Gangnam and December 27 at Stereo in Hongdae.

Oh, and through Orgeltanz’s MySpace I happend to come across a Smashing Mag review of their performance at this year’s Grand Mint Festival – written by Shawn: GMF Day Three – Still More Minty Goodness To Be Had. A good read also mentioning Broccoli, you too?, Sunstroke, Starry-Eyed, Loro’s and Windy City.

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  1. Skorpan

    I first heard of their song featured in CNNGo and I immediately fell in love! I’m now listening to their songs via Myspace and while searching for more info about this group, I came across yours.

    Thank you for your insights and hopefully this website will be my portal to learning more Korean songs.

    More power!


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