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남과 여... 그리고 이야기 #6 소리벽 _ EZ Hyung + Oh Ji Eun남과 여... 그리고 이야기 #7 _ The Canvas + Hermin
It hasn’t even been two weeks since last time I had the pleasure of telling you about new music from Oh Ji Eun and already I’ve gotten another opportunity: A new part of Mint Paper‘s 남과 여… 그리고 이야기 series, where male and female artists collaborate, was released as a digital single on November 20. The title track this time is 소리벽, sung by EZ Hyung and Oh Ji Eun. And like last time, there is also another song released at the same time. This time 오래된 연인에게 하고픈 말 featuring The Canvas and Hermin. (To be honest with you her name was new to me, but since she seems to be a friend of Yeongene and Sorri I will definitely check out her two albums now).

남과 여... 그리고 이야기 #4 너와 나의 프롤로그남과 여... 그리고 이야기 #5 Goodbye day _ My Aunt Mary + Sorri
(And this is where I make another confession: I seem to have missed the third release in this series!) Looking to Mint Paper’s site the songs above were actually track 6 & 7 respectively, meaning I’ve missed out on track 4 & 5. I have not been able to figure out when they were released, but the names should be interesting enough to most of you: There is a song called 너와 나의 프롤로그 by naru and deb. And then there is a song called Goodbye day by My Aunt Mary and So-yi.

Click any of the song titles above to visit their page over at Mint Paper and sample the songs ^^

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  1. placidian

    Hi Anna, just wanted to thank you again for the contest cd. Yozoh-Traveler arrived a few days ago from MrKwang; been listening ever since in the car and it sounds absolutely perfect! =)

    p.s. thanka also for the Hermin news. That Close To You cover was where I first heard her and Sorri both)


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