Karma cooperates with Masterplan members

Heavy metal band Downhell released their new EP, Karma, today. It is “Strictly Limited for Fans only” – available in no more than 300 copies. mrkwang has posted a piece of release information in English over at last.fm – including the information that a couple of members of German power metal band Masterplan have been involved in the making: drummer Mike Terrana plays on the album whereas Roland Grapow has supported with the mixing. Three songs can be sampled in full at MySpace, where you can also find the English version Karma video.

2 Comments Karma cooperates with Masterplan members

  1. mrkwang store

    I don’t listen to Melodic metal usually, so didn’t know they are from masterplan. Just I knew they are from Rage / Helloween.

    … What a music addict you are!

    Anyway how about showing ‘recent replies’ for the right side of this blog? That could be much better.


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