Belle Epoque album debuts!

I’ve had an upcoming releases bulk post waiting for days, but can’t wait to share this news from Pastel Music: the duo Belle Epoque – side project of Misty Blue bassist Choi Kyung Hoon – will release an album called 일요일들 on June 17. 13 tracks in total, including an album version of December (first featured on Pastel’s 5th Anniversary compilation). The light summery track Vacation can be sampled from their blog. And if you have yet to hear December you might also want to check out this post.

1 Comment Belle Epoque album debuts!

  1. loveholic

    oh just found this blog and I’m loving all the k-indie hehe. I’m so stoked for Belle Epoque’s first album. :D D’you by any chance know where I can download it?


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