Putting an extremely busy week behind me, updates should now get back to normal (that is whenever I find something interesting & k-indie related I’ll make a post on it). First up: the promised update on The Invisible Fish.
   The first EP of The Invisible Fish, Through The Glass Wall, is now available for international order from mrkwang! And when you buy it you will not only get the 9 track CD, but also a 4 track downloadable EP (20C-Stereo Radio), a bunch of images and a “mobile bell” (which I assume is something akin to a ring tone for your cell phone). It seems the tracklist for that downloadable EP changes every now and then (at least it’s different now from a couple of days ago), but you can see the current tracklist here. Go there and you will also be able to hear track 5 from Through The Glass Wall in reverse.

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