Lee Young Hoon Performs “봄이오면” with Indie Ensemble

Singer/songwriter Lee Young Hoon released his first full-length album, 내가 부른 그림, on January 10th and will hold his first this Sunday. In promotion of the event a video has been released showing album song “봄이오면” performed by Lee Young Hoon together with an ensemble consisting of Loro’s drummer Doe Jae Myoung, Yeongene and Soran… Continue reading

[Recall 2008] A Meeting with Yeongene

This article written after an interview with Yeongene was edited by Philip Gowman and first published on London Korean Links. If you’re into Korean music and have a thing for cute pop you are probably already familiar with Linus’ Blanket. And if you are, you are probably well aware that the name of the band’s adorable vocalist is Yeongene (연진) . It… Continue reading

Yeongene interview

I’ve had an e-mail interview with the ever adorable Yeongene, learning more on the upcoming Linus’ Blanket album as well as her planned European releases. All turned into an article for London Korean Links, as usual: A meeting with Yeongene.