Say Sue Me @ London, UK

Busan based surf-rock band Say Sue Me will be supporting Japan’s all-female punk-rock garage band Otoboke Beaver on the band’s Golden Week 2017 UK Tour. The tour kicks off in London on Monday May 1st. Date: May 1, 2017 Cost: £12.50 Location: The 100 Club Organizer: Damnably

Previously Unavailable Downloads Now Available via Maansun

On December 5th a new online store for Korean independent digital contents opened: Maansun.

At the moment the online store, which accepts PayPal and Korean credit cards, carries a well-curated selection of music from Bulssazo, Wedance,, Underwears Band, Jowall, Kuang Program, and Choi Taehyun. None of the releases currently on offer are available from the more popular Korean online music retailers.