Randomness #1

For a full month now my blogging has focused almost exclusively on Top Band 2. With the exception of the first episode my coverage of the first season was limited to post drafts and notes scribbled on paper, so when Korean rock is real’s Anna suggested an I Am A Singer style commentary series I was more than happy to be a part of it.

We started off covering all the 99 bands that made it through the first round of auditions and are currently halfway through the judges. I’ve been very excited about the first episode and watched it soon as I could, but it’ll be Wednesday before we get that post live on Korean Indie. It’s been something of a marathon, blogging daily for a month (though not always posting the result), and because of it I haven’t been doing as much other blogging as I usually do.

Where am I getting with this? Though it was more work than I had expected to keep the whole Top Band thing going I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to write more freely about bands and music rather than trying not to get too subjective with the news stuff. So from now on I’ll try to actually get these more personal, opinion style posts going here on Indieful ROK.

Today I’d like to talk a bit about I Am A Singer 2. It started just last weekend and I wasn’t quite sure about the new format, but as it continued today things were looking a bit better. There’s yet to be any performance as strong as what used to be offered when it was still just I Am A Singer, but I’ve already went from skeptical towards Baekdoosan to loving them because today they covered Crying Nut‘s “말달리자“. I wasn’t all that fond of the performance–they’d taken most of the punk out of it and it was my least favorite out of the six performances tonight–but I love that they picked it.

Making it even more worthwhile they had put Downhell vocalist Mark Choi in the chorus, which makes sense since they’re sharing a label. Although I can’t help but wonder if this will make Baekdoosan guitarist Kim Do Kyun a bit biased when judging Mark’s other band Au Revoir Michelle on Top Band.

That’ll be all for now. Truth be told I haven’t really been getting into anything music related besides Top Band and I Am A Singer recently, so that’s how much fun I am nowadays. Also it’s gotten late and I still need to get some news blogging done, since in spite of all of the other things I’d like to do for koreanindie.com that’s sort of my main responsibility. I want to do so much more with that by the way, but there is only so much one person can manage besides a full time job and everything else. Speaking of which, if you’d be interested in contributing to news.koreanindie.com please let me know and maybe we can work something out ^^

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