Indieful ROK’s 10th Anniversary

It’s now been 10 years since Indieful ROK was first launched. So much has changed since then and I could never have anticipated even half of it.

While I’m not usually keen on celebrating my own birthday I have taken the habit of acknowledging IROK’s anniversaries. This being a big one I had planned a long, commemorative post, but the more I write on it the more I feel like it’d be better split into separate posts. That I can finish when I’ve blogged about some more time sensitive things.

For now I’d once again like to say Thank You! Whether you’ve been around since the very beginning and remain an occasional visitor or started dropping in some time along the way I’m so grateful that you’ve taken the time to read any of what has been written here. I’d like to extend an extra thank you to refresh_daemon, Janet, Fabien, Widhi, Sangha, Dahee, Anna, Xtian, Kevin, Youngmi, Ranya, The Korean, Jung, Chris, Liz, and of course also to orienkorean for contributing their writing to this blog over the years.

My love for Korean music remains as strong now as it was when Indieful ROK first came into existence. Although I may no longer be the prolific blogger I once was, for the foreseeable future I fully intend to keep writing about the music that makes me especially excited. Hopefully it can help somebody else find new music to be excited about, too.

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