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I first met Marie Frenette during my first trip to Korea, back in 2009, and we’ve remained friends since. While my time in Korea remains limited to the occasional vacation, Marie has successfully kept her life in the country for a decade. Her drive and passion (alongside her Korean proficiency) never ceases to amaze and impress me. After teaming up with YouTuber Cory May, this year the couple finally launched a project which both had independently thought out before they even met: Korea Curated.

Korea Curated is a monthly subscription box service showcasing independent Korean musicians, artists, designers, writers and entrepreneurs. Based in Seoul, the founders are building a global community of Korean language and culture fans. Now you have the chance to win an April Discovery Box from Korea Curated by signing up to their newsletter and writing “Indieful ROK” in the address box to qualify. Your name will then be entered for a random draw and the winner will be announced Thursday evening. The box will be shipped already this Friday, free of charge.


All of the past Korea Curated boxes have been fun, tasty and awesome, but speaking as a fan of Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans April is looking to be the best one yet. Korea Curated’s April Discovery Box will, among many other things, include a signed copy of Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans’ latest album, 혁명가 (Revolution Songs). If you have yet to fall in love with the band yourself, check out IROK’s recent interview and don’t miss the “music film” for new album lead track “아래로부터의 혁명”.

For the March Discovery Box, they curated a total of 11 products. The featured item was a new Korean language book illustrated by paper cup artist Kim Soo Min and written by the Talk to Me in Korean team. There was also a DIY hangeul pencil case provided by the Hangeul Industry Promotion Agency along with some items from the Hongdae brand Ajassi, based around the character of a balding but cute middle-aged man. An adorable L-toy owl origami stationary set from VM Pictures and even a bibimbap ration pack and some other fun items were also included. All of them were introduced in the accompanying videos.


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