Around The World In 80 Music Videos in Seoul

Brazilian filmmaker couple Diana Boccara and Leo Longo have an interesting project going since last year: Around The World In 80 Music Videos. The concept is fairly simple in that they travel around the world and shoot music videos with local artists. Recently the two spent a month in Seoul and recorded 4 music videos, the last of which was released yesterday.

The music videos become even more worthwhile to watch thanks to the Behind The Trip videos coupled with them. The “Behind The Trip” videos shows interesting clips from behind the scenes of the MV shoots, including how the concepts are born, as well as a few glimpses of life in Korea.

Yolhoon – Like An Angel

The first of the ATW80 music videos to catch my attention was that for Yolhoon‘s “Like An Angle”. The song itself features Whale and was released mid-December on the self-titled debut EP of Yi Sung Yol and Clazzi‘s joint project. Shot at 180 frames per second it’s a slow motion video starring Ggotjam Project‘s EZ Kim. It looks so simple, yet is extremely captivating.

Whale – 어느 북극곰의 이야기 (White Bear)

The original plan had been to only record 3 music videos for Around The World In 80 Music Videos while in Korea, but after seeing Whale perform with Yolhoon in concert, the couple decided to shoot another video. It became their 40th, marking the half-way completion of the project. Whale’s “White Bear” has not yet gotten an official release, but she performed it for Naver Onstage a year ago. The video is nice and relaxing to watch, well accompanying the song itself.

Dead Buttons – 16-22

The first ATW80 music video shot in Seoul was that for Dead Buttons “16-22”. The song comes off Dead Buttons’ first full-length album Some Kind Of Youth, released mid-January 2016. In the video the duo walks around a block in Mullae-dong while encountering themselves everywhere. Starting slow, it gets more intense as it progresses down to the final moments. Great build-up for a strong ending. Must’ve been a lot of fun to shoot both for the video makers and the fans called in as extras.

The Electriceels – 오리온자리 (Orion)

The Electriceels‘ “오리온자리” was released as a digital single end of November 2015. The corresponding ATW80 music video is rather impressive in that it just shows one uncut sequence in spite of 23 different scenes. Even more so when seeing all the work that went into it in the accompanying Behind The Trip video.

To learn more about Around The World In 80 Music Videos, read this The Culture Trip interview and this article from India Today.

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